Joan Beemer – Vietnam

Joan Beemer discusses several aspects of the Vietnam War; including draft numbers, friends who went to Vietnam and how the public reacted to returning vets.

Dwain Mullen – Early Life Experiences

Dwain Mullen reflects on his early life experiences, including school and the tragic and accidental death of his father.

Dwain Mullen – Segregated Schools, Growing Up

Dwain Mullen talks about what it was like to grow up with segregated schools, one school for all grades and more.

Dwain Mullen – Civil Rights, MLK

Mullen reflects on MLK, civil rights and atmosphere of the 1960s.

Dwain Mullen – Aberdeen Proving Ground and Vietnam

Mullen’s thoughts on APG, Aberdeen, and the Vietnam War.

Dwain Mullen – Black Power & Civil Rights

Dwain Mullen speaks about Black Power, influential blacks in his life, and being black in the 1960s.

Paula Guest – Memories of the 1960s

Paula Guest reflects on the 1960s. Topics include  tanks in the streets of Baltimore, black power, her own personal account of racism, and more reflections on the assassinations of MLK and JFK.


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