timthumbWelcome to Harford Voices, a digital oral history exhibition involving students at Harford Community College (HCC) and residents of greater Harford County, Maryland, USA.  Harford County is located in the greater Baltimore-Washington D.C. region of the United States’ east coast, along the Chesapeake Bay.  The interview video clips presented in this exhibition include project narrators talking about their experiences during the 1960s,  preceding and ensuing years.   Please check the right side of the exhibition for new posts.

Harford Voices serves as an educational project of Harford Community College History in addition to its primary function as an oral history exhibition.   Students taking an HCC history class on the 1960s in 2012 and 2013 contributed significantly to the project as interviewers and commentators.  Student reactions to the oral history projects used for this exhibit have graciously shared their perspectives on conducting interviews and interpreting them for meaning in writing and and in video testimonials.  Tagged with “Student Reflections” , these posts illuminate the educational component of Harford Voices.

The Harford Community College Foundation, Inc.  has provided funding to support Harford Voices.

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