Welcome to Harford Voices!

The Harford Voices Oral History Exhibit includes a number of oral history video clips conducted by Harford Community College History students during the Fall 2012 semester (Bel Air, Maryland, USA) and also from students during the Fall 2013 semester .  The oral history clips are categorized into three broad themes: Civil Rights, Vietnam and Cultural Change.  Additional clips will be added in the future. The site also features a “Narrators” page with a brief summary about those who were interviewed. In addition, this exhibit includes a “Student Reflections” section that includes video and textual testimonies from the student historians who conducted and analyzed the oral history interviews.  Feel free to watch, listen, read, learn, engage and leave comments on specific clips.  We’re hoping to spur conversation and really make this an interactive digital oral history exhibit.  The Harford Community College Foundation supported the development of this project.

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