Charlsie Brooks

HV Charlsie Brooks

Charlsie Brooks turned 21 years old in 1960 and became a teacher at Aberdeen High School in Aberdeen, Maryland soon after. While teaching at Aberdeen High School in 1963, she met her husband Charles Brooks, who was a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army stationed at Aberdeen Proving Ground. They lived in Germany, where her husband was stationed from 1963 to 1966. He served in Vietnam in 1967-1968, while she stayed in Aberdeen teaching high school. from 1967 until 1969, when she had to resign when she became pregnant with her first child. In the period of time in which she was away from the Harford County public school system, the schools had become integrated. Student began talking back to the teachers and the students made sure that they asserted their rights. When she began teaching in the beginning of the decade teachers had to wear suits and dress nice, women in business or fancy dresses with jewelry and men in suit, jacket, and tie. By the end of the decade Mrs. Brooks said women had begun wearing pant suits and some teachers even wore jeans and other 60’s attire. She also mention that women went from wearing their hair short to letting it grow long and the women had also begun to straighten their hair using straight-irons.

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