Orlando Correa

HV Orlando Correra

Orlando Correa was born in Puerto Rico and came to the United States when he was two years old. He grew up in New York, in a bit of a rough neighborhood, but he said that his family managed there fine. His two older brothers went to Vietnam, and he said that they really hated the war. Both of Mr. Correa’s brothers have post traumatic stress disorder from being in the war and he said that to this day, they are not the same. He described being for the war, because he believed everything that the president and government was telling him. After awhile, he stopped believing in the war because as he got older and went through experiences with his brothers, he realized the war was not what they said it was. After his realization, he started to become involved in anti-war movements that were located on his college campus. Some of these facts were the main experiences that he went through throughout the sixties.

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