Alexandra Celestrina

     For a very long time, I’ve been really into learning about all of the events that took place from 1950-1970s and even though many of the events that have occurred were dangerous and sometime very scary, I’ve always wished that I got to experience these significant events because it was such an influential time. Mostly all of the information our narrator, Richard Blackburn, provided has affirmed many of the notions regarding events that have occurred and that we learned about all throughout the class. This project has overall changed and impacted my overall approach to learning history because it gave me a more personal first hand approach to learn from rather than just a second hand approach and only learning through readings. I have really overall appreciated taking this class and learning more about the information that has interested me for the longest time. This class has also given me more strength in wanting to make an impact on others and influence something bigger than myself. Overall, this class has been a wake-up call for me to not only learn about the past but to learn more about the present and what we are doing that can help the future as well.

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