Emily Evans

     Hearing [George Evans] talk about Woodstock was awesome. It made me jealous wishing I could have been able to be there, even though he didn’t get to go. He had friends who did, and he bought the live album of the concert. He mentioned kids using drugs and the first overdose he witnessed was when he was in 12th grade. He said they lost three students that year. That hit home because I lost three students of my class because of overdoses, so that showed that some things never change and drug use is always going to be a problem unless some serious actions are taken. Also that’s something I’m thinking of doing in my future, dealing with substance abuse, and it sounds like the sixties had a mess of that just like we do now. I liked hearing his favorite moments of the sixties, and how he said his friends and being free that just made me happy to hear that. It was cool to hear my dad mention things that we have discussed and learned in the class, what I’ve read in source packets and the Anderson book. After hearing things he mentioned, I felt envious because I wish I could have been able to grow up in those times rather than our times today. My favorite thing he said was when he was talking about the best part of the sixties. “Best thing of the sixties was we were free.” When he said that, it gave me chills and made me wish I was able to grow up in those times rather just reading about them. This whole experience was awesome, and something I’m going to take with me as I get older, learning more about my father and his times of growing while also learning American history. I’m also happy the Harford Voices website was able to be developed so this is something I can always refer to and have this memory of filming this with my father and hearing him speak on these issues.

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